DT Students
DT Students

In the eyes of God, children are just as precious and valuable as adults, which is why we prioritize their spiritual growth and wellbeing. Our team of dedicated kids pastors work tirelessly every weekend to bring the Gospel to life through storytelling, music, dance, and other engaging activities, ensuring that kids have access to the same transformative power of the Bible as adults. We firmly believe that investing in the spiritual development of our children is crucial and life-giving, laying the foundation for a strong faith that lasts a lifetime.


NURSERY | Infants -11months

NURSERY 2 – 3 Years Old

PRESCHOOL | 5-6 Years Old

1st Grade –  5th Grade
Safe Environments Where Kids Can Have a Blast
Safe Environments Where Kids Can Have a Blast
Our main priority is to ensure that your children are not only kept safe but are also enjoying themselves while learning to follow Jesus. That is why every adult serving in our children’s ministry has undergone an approved background check, giving you peace of mind as a parent or guardian. We take the safety and wellbeing of your children seriously and strive to create a secure environment that is both fun and educational.

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